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That’s a fandom for ya’. I feel like this whenever I talk about the latest Pokemon installments. I wish I had more time to “Catch ‘Em All”, so to speak, but I suppose those days flew out the door when Lily flew into our lives. But hey, Lily is like, the rarest Pokemon or whatever. I know her stats, IVs, EVs, nature and what have you so… What was I talking about?

I experimented a bit with hatch shading. I yearn for a grittier, more hand-drawn appearance. Photoshop art can get so stale. Still, I’m not sure how to execute it in combination with color. I honestly liked it more without color, but I can’t go suddenly not coloring the comic after all this time.

Video Games:

No one told me Tomodatchi Life for the 3DS was basically [The Sims + Tamagotchi + Animal Crossing]. At least, that’s what Tenoreo tells me it’s like, now that she owns it. For all that Nintendo advertised it, I honestly thought it was some kind of… I dunno– You streetpass other peoples’ Miis and they say silly things to each other and sometimes dance? I don’t know, but I completely passed on it for a lack of knowing. So here I am typing this while she sits on the bed, poking at replicas of our family and friends, going “Ohh, wow……. Whaaaat? That’s cooool………. This is so neat” I GET IT TENOREO I AM JEALOUS OKAY


It slipped my mind to mention we’ve been in Portland just over a year, now. It feels like so long ago I announced we were leaving my lifetime home, Oklahoma, in favor of the rainy Rose City. This weekend is the Apple Tasting Festival, one of the first events we attended after we arrived. I had even made a comic about it, along with our other moving stories. We’re totally going again. Tenoreo will probably still get allergies. Oh, and hey, we still have that same rice cooker. Props, Zojirushi!

Closing Comments:

I won’t be putting a comic up next weekend, as I’ll need the time to work on commissions. I’ll post details for how to get a commission and the pricing in a couple days on the facebook page and my twitter. Videos will be a little slow until that’s over, as well. Between this new car, mandatory insurance, and a few ill-timed emergencies, I don’t have much of a choice on the matter. I hate money, but I begrudgingly need it to sustain a family. I hope you’ll understand!

If you wanna help out, but don’t want a dumb stupid picture™, there’s also Patreon for regular, small donations, and… yeah, the shirt. I’m gonna go wash these filthy plugs off.

Until next comic…


Update: I’m taking this week off from the comic to do commissions, as we’re having a sort of money thing. So yeah, get a custom, high-res, printable electronic commission from Kakujo!