:Commissions are OPEN:

Hey there! Want to give Bryan money and get a custom, high-res, digital, printable picture in return? Because that’s what a commission is!
In this context, anyway.
At this time, I’m only offering portrait-style character commissions. That is, one or more characters with or without a background, like the one next to this text.

Pricing is as follows:

Black-and-White: $20

$10 per additional character.

Flat Colors: $30

$15 per additional character.

Shaded: $45

$22 per additional character.

Background pricing depends on complexity. “No background” would be $0, obviously. A simple background like, say, a park or a distant mountain would be an additional $20. If what you have in mind is a little more complex, we’ll discuss a price over email. Additionally, these commissions are for pre-developed, preexisting characters you or someone else has created (or at least conceptualized). If you are interested in me designing a character from the ground up, we can discuss further pricing over– YOU GUESSED IT, email.

Commission Types

Please provide me with a good description and clear reference. One of the best ways to make sure your commission takes a long time to complete is not being clear about exactly what you want. Depending on the complexity of your character(s), the price could be more or less. I’ll send a work-in-progress after the draft is finished. If you’d like me to shade your commission like I do the comic (i.e.- oil pastel-ish, rather than cell-shaded), let me know or I’ll assume you want flat colors with oil pastel-ish shading. All payments are due once the draft is approved. Paypal only. Commission is for personal use only. I may use the finished work for promotion. Lastly, don’t be a butt to me or the whole thing is off.

Send all info to bryan (at) kakujomics . com, with something vaguely like “COMMISSION” in the subject line.