It’s not always easy to empathize. Something can be so deeply ingrained in you through your upbringing that it’s near-impossible to understand that it hurts people. It can be a tough road to changeville. Or you can just have someone do it back to you in the most horrifying way possible. It’s like a disciplinary spray-bottle, only the bottle is The Face.

I’ve got a new Metroid-themed shirt up on Shark Robot! They’re taking pre-orders for the next 13 days, after which it might disappear, so getchu one!

Video Games:

The Binding of Isaac is so raunch, so juice, so adjective->noun->pseudo-adjective. There’s a new game coming next month that’s basically a super-enhanced remake. Y’know how I’m always looking for that “SNES-Era Feel™”? Well, on top of TBoI already being like one giant Zelda dungeon, the remake, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, will (among other things) have 16-bit aesthetics. Did I order this game, custom-made for myself, with a hidden stash o’ cash that my other personality hides beneath the closet floorboards? Am I just secretly the developers on each other’s shoulders in a Kakujo suit? Because this game seems right up my alley. HYEP


I don’t wanna talk about life this week, because all I have to talk about is how much I hate that I’m forced to have health insurance even though I can’t afford it. Who wants to hear about health insurance? If you’re below the age of having to worry about that, go. Escape this paragraph. Keep away from health insurance for as long as you possibly can– WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE!? GO DRINK YOUR SARSAPARILLA AND PLAY POKEYMON UNDER A TREE PERPETUALLY RIPE WITH CHEESEBURGERS AND FRENCH FRIES THAT HAVE NO CALORIES YET TASTE THE SA[error]