What… What Is This?


…Aww, maaan. I gotta put something here, don’t I…?

This is KakuJomics, run by me: Kakujo. KakuJomics is a portmanteau of Kakujo and Comics. See, we’re learning! Good thing you checked the About page!

The comic is about a family and their interactions with various characters from the video game world. Also, some of the comics are plain ol’ video game gag comics.

Kakujo’s Full Release Schedule: Here! (Kind of up in the air while I figure out my life har har!)

If I Were to Want to Stalk You…

My spirit name is Bryan. If you ever wanted to know what a Japanese, Cherokee, and Irish guy looks like, you’ve come to the end of your long journey! I’m also a guy that makes “let’s plays” on YouTube and the father of one lil’ girl. I also used to make websites, but I heard the phrase “make it pop” like 4 times and was just done with the whole ordeal. I made this site, though.

I live on the West Coast, but I grew up in Oklahoma. It was very dusty and we watched tornadoes from our porch.

You can reach me at: bryan (at) kakujomics (dot) com

Why Are You Doing This!?

I knew very few kids who didn’t doodle here and there, but I pushed it to incriminating levels. Every page a teacher gave me would be returned with the margins filled with drawings of Kirby, Sonic, Tamagotchi, Harvest Moon and whatever other video game I was playing. I did this until I graduated (Tenoreo won’t let me doodle on my election ballot).

Anyway, my two dreams were to either makes comics or make video games. 1 outta 2, man! ‘Can’t complain.

The actual push to start this website and comic, however, was me not having drawn anything for like, 2 years. I had become frustrated with my perceived lack of progress with my art and just kinda quit. But apparently, around August 2010, I decided I was going to thrust myself back into it. The next month, in September, I had set up hosting, picked a name, cobbled together a site and there began KakuJomics.

HOW Are You Doing This!?

Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos 4 Large (did you know it’s pronounced “WAH-kum”? I refuse to pronounce it like that, but FYI). That’s it. I’m too lazy scared to learn Manga Studio or SAI.

Here’s a timelapse of Comic #113 if you care to see what I “do” more in-depth.

Upon What Abominations Shall My Eyes Fall?

Things are pretty clean around here. Except for a couple comics from my “blue” period.

That’s Not All, Is It?

Oh, HEAVENS, no! There are a few legal details to glaze over:
Some of the characters in my content are parodies of characters that are the property of their respective copyright owners (Nintendo, Square-Enix, Sony, etc…). I do not claim to have created the original characters, merely my renditions of them.

Also, KakuJomics is best viewed in at least 1024×768 resolution. Any browser should render the experience generally the same, unless you’re using Internet Explorer 6 or something. I know I just complained about being scared of learning new things a little bit ago, but if you’re using IE, please consider getting a new browser. Internet Explorer is just so constantly outdated and unsafe. I use Firefox, but a lot of people like Chrome.

Awesome! Can I Help?

I love making comics, but drawing dumb faces and fart jokes alone won’t pay the bills. I need your help to continue. If you tell others about my comics/videos, mayhaps they will tell others, and they might tell others in turn. This helps my work grow! Of course, as much as I love doing this, there are a lot of costs involved. Site hosting, domain leasing, programs to draw and edit IN, physical tools with which to MAKE the drawings/videos (and their upkeep) cost a surprisingly morbid amount of money (for a lone guy, anyway). So if you like what you see and had a good time, you might support me through my Patreon!

If you wanna send me stuff, you can find me here:
Bryan Lacie
PO Box 714
Gresham, OR 97030

Other Awesome Comics and Affiliates

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In Closing

You’re still here? Wow, I didn’t plan for this… Er