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Hey, Bits and Bytes! It’s good to be back! How ya’ been? We’re finally settling in and KakuJomics is now beginning its slow return to normalcy. These stories and much, much more happened during our time trying to get settled in Portland. I was uploading these 3-panelers individually over on the Facebook page, and now they (in addition to two more I never posted) are collected here for your… enjoyment? Is that what you get from these, YOU SICK CHEESE LOG!?

I received some good responses to the more crayon-ish style I used in these comics. How do you feel about it? And don’t worry, I’m not talking about flat-out replacing my usual style with it; just taking opinions and considering doing a side-comic featuring my family+video game stuff.

Video Games:
If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been sick with how much I want Pokemon X. But, as the video below explains, I totally got it! And Tenoreo got a 3DS and Pokemon Y! HOH mah gosh, it is quite good. I’ve had the nasty habit of only playing Pokemon games up until the 3rd or 4th gym and quitting, the past few generations, because they’ve failed to fully engross me. But THIS. THIS is good. I’m particularly enamored with– and it’s not something I’d have expected to say about a core Pokemon game– the Pokemon-Amie part of the game. I find a special connection with my Pokemon and a sense of satisfaction from petting/feeding/playing with them, then seeing that same Pokemon (same 3D model and all) go out into battle. I’m like “Hey, I pet that Combee! Right there! Right there, on its head!” I guess I’m weird. I guess I knew this.

And how great is it to be back on the gaming channel? I’ve got a decent backlog that’s been forming over the time I’ve been away, and I’ll be back with you tomorrow with a new episode of Majora’s Mask, then a new 2-off on Monday.


Wow. Wow, wow, wow. What can I say? Firstly, my family and I are much, MUCH happier now. And it’s only been near a month! In short, everything worked out! Tenoreo got the job she wanted, we got the apartment we wanted, we’ve got the place mostly furnished, and we are LOVING this city. The food, the people, the weather; just the diversity of things and people there are to enjoy is overwhelming. Portland’s a place where you can walk 2 blocks and feel like you’re in an entirely different city, so there’s hardly a reason to get bored of the place. I’m also ecstatic to be near big cons! I hope to be able to attend one as a vendor, soon.

Closing Comments:
Here’s to a new chapter in mine and my family’s life, and to the continuation of this conglomeration of man-babbyism that is KakuJomics~