? This comic is about what my comic will be about!




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  1. narunlg

    lol very funny

  2. Tenoreo

    LOL! You are amazing!!

  3. Can’t wait to see what’s next in your alternate ego avatar world!

  4. Baldgod

    Careful not to get sued for copyright or trademark infringements. Some people just don’t have a sense of humor. Good luck with it and get another out soon.

  5. Hey, Baldgod! Thanks for the comment.
    I can see where one might worry about copyright infringement, but I’m confident my work checks out on the four aspects of the Fair Use doctrine.

    In any case, I’ll keep pumping these out until someone stops me. XD

  6. Leigh Atkinson (Another Luigi fan)

    Kirby LOL

    OMG HIII- :(

  7. Fox Mccloud

    No matter how hard I try I cant not see that and laugh XD

  8. Fox Mccloud

    sorry, I meant cannot XD

  9. Karak

    Decided to look through the comics again and I have to say, wow your art style changed quite a bit. And looking at when this comic was up made me realize something. If that post date is right, you put it up on me birthday! And Will Smith’s Birthday. And whoever else was born September 25th… Either way… Just something i noticed.

    • I know! This one looks so weird, now! And your birthday?? Neat!! XD

  10. Arealgamergal2546

    Interesting & funny Intro! Sorry if this is a bit late to say that but I think it’s awesome well done :D

  11. luke


  12. luke

    luke is the best

  13. luke

    some one say hi to me

  14. ZeldaLord

    OMG I love kirby games!

  15. aw man! it’s always sho inconvenient when your gentlemanly dinomasaur and kirby merge unintentionally! we’ve all been there and it ain’t a great time XD

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