Don’t get me wrong, Tenoreo’s not the only one who can get meticulous about The Way Things Should Be™. I’m not just loosey-goosey, do whatever you want…-oosey. Not all the time, anyway. But in the area of art, of which home decor is a part, I see little point in limiting one’s creativity for the sake of a theme.
‘Didn’t mean to make that sound like a nantucket rhyme, but– I mean, yeah, I did. Because Halloween or somethin’? Spoooooky…

Video Games:

November is upon us. And while that may mean turkey and football and horribly tense family obligations for most, it also means the month of way too many good games to buy in a 30-day period. Yes, I want them all. No, I can’t buy them all. Yes, that incites tantrum. No, I’ll be fine really geez gOSH


Lily’s really into Kiki’s Delivery Service, these days. She wanted to be Kiki for Halloween, so I did what any neurotic father would do: I took the task way too seriously and set out to make basically a cosplay. I bought whittling equipment, a sewing machine, fabric and straw and whatnot. I made a broom from crap I found on a hiking trail (Lily also literally stepped in crap while we were searching), I made the big bow from a length of red cotton. And it turns out I rather enjoy whittling and sewing. And the costume didn’t turn out too badly! Of course, now I’m even more sleep-deprived than usual. Ah, well. I miiiight post pictures on the Facebook page, later.

Of course, people have been asking me what I’m going to be for Halloween, and it made me realize I’ve become another parent that pours the entirety of their energy into their kid’s appearance, while simultaneously looking like an over-microwaved hotdog. I mean, it’s not like I wore pants before we had Lily, but I do find myself with less and less time for, well, myself. Next year, though. I’ll be Bayonetta or Y.V. or a Sonic OC. Definitely something other than “Horribly Underslept Hotdog Dad”. Definitely…

Closing Comments:

Commissions are pretty much closed. Only a couple slots left. And I hope you got the Morph Pills shirt before it disappeared from Shark Robot. Because it’s goooonnnne!

Until next comic…