Where’s Shigeru? He’s the cool dad. No matter how much Satoru wants to play the nice guy, he is still technically the head of a business, and has to make business-y decisions, as such.

It feels quite nice to create another long comic! I don’t always have the time, and the process leaves me beat, but it’s always satisfying.

Video Games:

Lily and I just got done with a crazy long Zelda: A Link to the Past session. She’s been more into Wind Waker lately, but she sat and watched and that was nice. I forgot how difficult LttP is, compared to pretty much any of the 3D endeavors. 20 minutes or so and I had gotten back into the swing of it, though. LttP is one of the few games I played a lot as a kid, and I’m still able to basically speed-run it. If only I could get Lily to sit still in front of the mic as long as she does on the couch…


Hey, [INSERT YOUR HOLIDAY OF CHOICE HERE] is coming! I want Amiibos! I don’t want to drive all around town to get the various retailer-exclusives, though! Sorry, Rosalina and Luma, I can’t order you off Amazon and I am basically a shut-in.

Closing Comments:

Until next comic…