Minecraft men, amiRITE!? Though, if IRL bovine were wine-and-dined by the light of glowstone, it’d certainly be a step up.

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Video Games:

I picked up Fire Emblem for the Game Boy Advance. Never got to play any of ’em while I was in school. It’s just called “Fire Emblem” which, before an hour of research, confused me. It’s apparently Fire Emblem 7. Yes, once again, Japan was withholding one of its soft, nougaty treats from us long before bringing the franchise over to the various states. I’m having a fun time with it now, though! I was looking for an almost-autopiloty type RPG to relax with after a Cray Day™, and while Fire Emblem isn’t quite that, it beats raging at Crystal Spiders and The Haunt until I bust a vein. Now, I rage at how freAKING FRAGILE FLORINA IS. WHY EVEN HAVE A PEGASUS IF YOU’RE NOT GONNA CONSTANTLY COMMIT SPARKLE MURDER!?
Character permadeath, oi.


I never anticipated how much work I’d have to do during the holiday season as a self-employed whatsit. Come December, my instinct is to turn even more 12 than usual and become a gluttonous, video gaming… thing. Just like when I was 12! But no, now it’s “keep working or else no dog food for viktor”. Ahh, but would I have it any other way? Realistically, no. <3 I'm also very responsible and on-top of bills throughout the year. But oh, when I go into my December 12-Year-Old Sloth mode: Houses and water are free, apparently! All adult thoughts are replaced with eggnog and gingerbread and Pokeyman Blue and I always miss ONE bill. At least this year’s missed bill and late fee were small. We’ll chalk that up to Lil’ 12-Year-Old Kakujo.
That kid owes me so much money…

Closing Comments:

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