With great power comes great responsibility to not use outdated quotes. Let’s be real: We all know Luigi is physically superior in just about every way to Mario. He’d just be too powerful, too dangerous. Or at least, I would say that if I didn’t know who Mr. L was… Maybe Luigi is better off representing the part of us that wants to believe, deep down, we’ve got a tremendous gift hidden away, and that all we need is the right moment, the right motivation. Like, I’d do incredible things, but I’ve got all these things to eat and video games to play, y’know? I’ll pull a Luigi, someday…

Keep an eye on my YouTube channel, where I’ll soon be uploading a timelapse of this comic being drawn! It’s a lot of footage, but I’m excited to show you the process behind this one. Mainly, it just took a while. IT’S HERE!!

Video Games:

That kooky momentum-crazy speed-runner, Action Henk!, finally got a level editor (and the entire game is $6 until January 2nd, good lord)! Level editors are at their best when they reflect my favorite tenet of game design: “It shall be easy to pick up, while having leagues of inherit depth for those willing to dive.” Or something like that. Henk’s level editor is like when you tried to stack diagonal wooden blocks and rolled a toy car down them, only it actually works and you don’t have to clean up the mess afterward. In short, it’s like childhood! It’s like all those freakin’ Hot Wheels’ track commercials, only now I can own them all and not have to pay a hundred wacky bucks (or whatever I thought my mom used to buy things)! Getting lost in making a level is relaxing, and the ease with which I can create a level equals a quick, satisfying pay-off. Publishing the level to Steam’s Workshop and sharing your creation with others is the, as they say, chilled chocolate curls on the mocha cake. And it’s only in its first, early-access iteration! Bring on them bells-n-whistles!


While I’m ultra-appreciative that folks are willing to support me in return for commissions, I’m ready to go back to just doing comics and Let’s Plays. If I had, say, 2 extra days in the week, I wouldn’t at all have that sentiment. Commissions are fun! Commissioners telling me they love their piece makes me feel warm fuzzies! The money helps my family not be homeless! But the time I sit in a chair, crushing my spine was already at its maximum before commissions opened. Guess I gotta do more core strengthening. My core is going to be so strengthened by the time this is over. The Wii Fit Trainer is gonna be all “God DANG, that is a strengthened core!”

Closing Comments:

I probably won’t have time to draw another comic in time for Christmas, but I’m definitely aiming to record a couple more holiday videos for the YouTube channel, so I guess look for those over the next couple days. If I don’t see here on KakuJomics before then, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!