Finally, I got to draw Ness! I’m pretty happy with the overall composition of this comic. I’m definitely turning the last panel into AT LEAST a wallpaper.

Get Underslept and Overcoffeed!

Further experimentation was conducted with this comic; in techniques, methods, and outputs. The most notable difference being that, for some of you, the last panel is animated. I went with a more obscure format, though. I can’t stand GIF’s color limitations and what they do to my comics, so I used APNG. Basically, an animated PNG, hence the name. I believe Firefox and Opera are the only browsers that support it, natively, while plugins are available for a couple others. In any case, the animation is in NO WAY necessary to actually enjoy the comic/joke. So if all you see is a still image: Don’t worry, you’re not missing much.

Edit: It looks like the way my site caches images is preventing the actual animation from firing off, for most people; you may have to “view image” to see it. Well, this was kind of a misfire. XD

This comic also marks the first time I’ve ever had such a large source-file. Photoshop’s never made my computer heat up like it did, this time. Technical blah-de-blah and such with a rumble-bumble… .. ..

Video Games:
Minecraft 1.2(.3) is out! Get it! It’s got some neat additions! CATS! DOUBLE WORLD HEIGHT-LIMIT! IMPROVED ENEMY AI! ZOMBIE SIEGES!!! *ahem* I am looking forward to recording new episodes of my Minecraft Comedy Commentary.

I randomly started playing Plants vs. Zombies, again. I’m impressed at how many times I can start that game and still get absorbed for an hour or two. Maybe I can find a way to capture video from my iPhone? I could make an LP of that…?

I think everyone’s finally done being sick.
<.< >.>
Of course we live in Oklahoma, mind you, so the allergies are suddenly awful, this time of year; reason #491485 for why we’re moving, soon. Maybe then, my schedule wouldn’t constantly be interrupted. :O

Closing Comments:
I’ve got a few other comic ideas lined up that I feel pretty good about. Maybe no more animation unless people really like the idea of it, as the filesize is a bit larger and a couple hundred kilobytes can really make a difference to someone on a slower net connection. Anyway, it’s 1PM and I never went to sleep, last night. Time to be nocturnal and such. Until next comic; see you then~