Get Underslept and Overcoffeed!

So SSX is out. It got good reviews. Tenley and I, separately, LOVED SSX Tricky for the PS2. When it came time to select what comic to draw, she insisted I do one for SSX. So there. It was a decent change of pace, both in topic and style, at any rate.

Oh, yeah! I finally got around to uploading that timelapse:

I’ll just copy/paste the description to save us some time:

Time Taken: ~15hrs. (shortened to just short of 20mins.)
Tools Used: Photoshop, Wacom Intuos4 Tablet (Large), Firefox and iTunes.

It might be a while before I do another timelapse. This one almost made my computer explode, and I need to pinpoint the bottleneck, first (so far, it seems to be my hard drive).

Want another one sooner? Donate a penny or two so I can buy a faster/larger hard drive (or whatever the heck almost exploded):
You even get to see a cute lil’ drawing on the success page.”

Video Games:
So, again, SSX is out. I don’t have it, but MY. GLOB. I want it.

Revisiting EarthBound/Mother 2 and Spanky’s Quest has been very interesting. I have a pretty bad memory of my childhood, and only remember very specific things about the games, so I really feel like I’m experiencing a good portion of it for the first time. It’s awesome.

Lily got a stomach bug, this weekend. She wouldn’t stop throwing up, so we had to take her to the ER for some meds; she got better the day after. Then, Monday morning, TENLEY got the stomach bug, so I had to watch Lily another day and got all kinds of behind on things. So hopefully the stomach bug will find a horrible demise, because I hate it. Everyone’s good now, granted, but I’ve been playing catch-up ever since (note that I’m writing this at 5am).

Closing Comments:
I’m getting closer and closer to getting one out every week, like the old days (a year ago). My stamina for drawing is slowly increasing, as a result of me actually getting off my rump and exercising/working out every morning, so maybe updating weekly isn’t the fevered dream of a guy with a family and 2.5 jobs?

In any case, I’ll get started on the next one, tomorrow. I’m feeling very much like an EarthBound/Mother 2 comic. See you then~