Whew! That’s that! Hope you enjoyed it! I’m at this point in my comic “career” where I have at least a vague idea of what makes me happy. Frankly, I like drawing these story arcs. Frankly, I’d like to try my hand at a longer-form story arc. Y’know? This tale was fun, but I feel bad for having to shove it into 7 pages. Maybe this could have been done better if it had been longer? What am I saying, of course it could have. Anyway, I’m satisfied with it and I look forward to the next 93 comics before the next one! Thanks for reading, Bits and Bytes!

Video Games:

Ooooverwatch! Iiiiii like Overwatch! Thiiiiis time could be spent playing Overwatch!


I’m gonna do an indoor campout with the girls tonight. We’re doin’ the whole thing: Snacks, smores, sleeping bags and– oh wait, we’re not going outside because outside is awful. And we’re gonna read Goosebumps books! I might be the most excited about tonight.