Aaaand she’s back! AAAAAAAAA


Even though I live pretty far out from “Portland central”, the rent hikes have finally hit us. I know they say the home rental market is an “open and free” one, but why on earth is that the case with people’s livelihoods? Every argument I see in favor of this system is old and/or a landlord. Maybe make wages actually match the inflating cost of living? Maybe then there would be rich CEOs fighting the rent bubble and we’d actually get somewhere.

Oh well, it’ll be alright. We’re fortunate enough to be able to still afford it, thanks to a job I recently acquired. Unfortunately, once this new job starts I’m going to be reducing content a bit. Comics will stay the same, as far as I can tell, though. I’ll further expand on this situation in a Let’s Talkujo once I have more details.