Some more info was dropped for the next Zelda game today, at Nintendo’s E3 thingy! It’ll be called The Legend of Zelda: Break the Wind– HAHAHAHAHAsorry, the subtitle is Breath of the Wild. So I figured I’d get this Saturday’s comic up early to keep it somewhat timely.

Anyway, did you see Link’s torch? It’s nasty. I immediately got Don’t Starve flashbacks of entire forests, entire homes razed to the ground for the need of only 1 charcoal. So many minutes… wasted.

Video Games:

Some say Breath of the Wild’s open world feels empty, to which some retort “but Wind Waker was 90% water, it’ll be fine”. I get that, I’m not particularly worried. but to the former’s defense, Wind Waker was “empty”, but the sea was still teaming with life. The difference between Breath of the Wild’s wild boar and Wind Waker’s seagull is quite apparent. The boar is a wild animal. The seagull is a clever, animated little thing that adds pizazz to your trip. It’s probably at least partially due to Wind Waker’s art style being more expressive than Breath of the Wild’s.

Again, I don’t care. The game world could literally just have Link, Zelda and some bad guys and I’d be fine. I’ve played Journey. But it’s simply silly to compare it to Wind Waker.

Update (2016-07-11) – I’m sad to announce the comic is going on hiatus until January 7th of next year. If you don’t mind watching a video, I explained why in this Let’s Talkujo. Thank you all so, so much for reading. I hope you’ll set your calendars for when I return in January!