Aaaand she’s out!


It’s 4am and I have to wake up early and run booths at a thing for my kid. “HEY PARENTS. YOU WANNA SPEND YOUR DAY OFF WORKING? OF COURSE YOU DO.” So I’m going to sleep. I’ll try to make the next post beefier.

Closing Comments:

Y’know what? NO. Here we go! When I was a kid I had an albino hedgehog I named “Hedgie” (my dog had already taken the name “Sonic”). Caring for rodent-types is more involved than most realize. You have to clean that poop-tank’s cage out and replace the cedar AT LEAST once a week. And even that’s apparently pushing it. So anyway, one day my mom was like “I forgot to order more meal worms for Hedgie, so I fed him froot loops”. The next day, Hedgie was dead. We buried him in the backyard behind the chimney ash hole thing, and had a “service”. I blamed my mom for his death for years, but I now realize it was probably that I hadn’t cleaned his cage enough and the maggots got him. I was young and dumb and I haven’t allowed myself to own another pet since.

Alright, for real though, I’m going to sleep.