Was skipping me at least an accident? Like in some games when you press the left stick down and you’re like “REALLY? THAT SKIPS THE CUTSCENE!?”


The joys of upgrading one’s computer is lost on me. That is to say, I’ve apparently lost the ability to enjoy it? I replaced my motherboard earlier this week.

“I replaced my motherboard earlier this week.”

It was supposed to be that simple. What followed was 3 days of downtime while I bought and replaced various parts, attempting to deduce why my computer wouldn’t post. The fans came on, the drives spun up, but nothing more. I bought a replacement CPU, MOBO, PSU and quadruple checked my case for shorts. But what it ended up being was that I had neglected to first lift the LGA retention bracket before inserting the CPU. It’s okay to laugh. Or groan. It was a dumb mistake. I’ve ridden this bull before, I’ve built a few PCs, I should know this. But the new MOBO manual leaving this detail out of the installation instructions lead me to assume it wasn’t necessary with the new setup?

Anyway, I can blame the manual all I want, but the fact is that my computer is back on, I’ve completed the comic in a single 12-hour session and I’m going to go play Lost Planet 3. See you around!