Gettin’ so mad right nyow

Video Games:

I picked Animal Crossing: New Leaf back up the other day from a desire for a game that isn’t a crushing roguelite or Kingdom Hearts on pride mode. No, I don’t have a silly anecdote about the town in ruins and cockroaches swarming my house; I started over. Not because I chose to, but because Club Nintendo was a big, fat lie and the “free” game I got had a download size so big I needed a new SD card, which prompted me to back up my AC:NL save file to my PC but then I never put the save file back on the new SD card. And why would I? I don’t need to deal with basically 15 tamagotchis wailing at me about our broken “friendship” for a week before they finally forgive me just in time for me to lose interest again and disappear for another 2 years.

Anyway, I’m over here hacking at the money rock, living in my tiny house acting like nothing ever happened. And it’s relaxing. I still haven’t visited the Able sisters and I don’t want to.