Lily’s been asking the question. So much, recently, that Tenoreo and I have had to sit down and figure out how we’d go about it. Do we take the liberal-scientific route and bust out the diagrams and big words? Do we throw the stork under the bus? We’d better decide soon before some kid at school tells her the truth.


Lily’s first day of school was nice! Lily’s second day of school was bad. After one day of school, she decided she had had enough and used her signature Squelch (it’s like Screech but worse) all the way to school. Every day since, however, she’s been better about it, to the point that I don’t dread taking her to school this Monday.

I fancy myself a realistic person. I didn’t truly expect Lily starting full-time school would give me “SO MUCH MORE TIME”, but I did expect it to give me time to concentrate AKA increase my productivity. Welp, turns out adjusting a sleep schedule back 6 hours wreaks havoc on the old pile of brains and I found myself struggling more than before she started school! HUH-OH. Just gotta get past the initial “new sleep schedule” headaches and fatigue, then I’ll be golden.

She’s a trooper. We’ll get used to this. Right?