Don’t get me wrong. I realize, regardless of whatever form civilization takes, its people will always find a reason to put themselves above others. If it’s not color, it’ll eventually be whether or not your pinky toenail is ingrown (mine isn’t; god help me). It’s deeply ingrained in our instincts, from all those years ago when we were chimps trying to find the tallest rock to poop on. Of course, we could also evolve out of those instincts and millions of years from now we’ll live in pinky toenail harmony. Here’s hopin’.


It’s been about 6 years since I’ve actively watched anime. The last show I really enjoyed was Gurren Lagann, and I suppose I’ve since become impatient with anime. I ran out of time to wait for a show to get good. Why watch anime when there are games and movies and other shows that are good from start-to-finish?

Anyway, 6 years later and here I am, watching Dragon Ball Z Kai every chance I get. Here I am, playing Budokai 3 every chance I get. Can DBZ be counted, though? It’s so massively popular and pervasive that it’s borderline “not anime” in some respects. In any case, I’ve also been watching Michiko and Hatchin, Kill la Kill (finally) and Akame ga Kill (lotta killin in anime, lately). Blame it on me watching Toonami at a hotel while I was at PAX Prime (Toonami’s been back on CN for a couple years now, who knew NOT ME)