I mean, really, the entire Pokemon roster is just a bunch of Dittos.

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You don’t need me to tell you I’ve been having a stupid-fun time playing Splatoon. Unless you don’t watch my Let’s Plays. Then yeah, I enjoy Splatoon a lot. While the initial release felt a little lacking, Nintendo’s already released free post-launch content, and they have an apparent slew of things to release throughout the summer, followed by a final post-launch update in November. The words “post-launch” and “update” (and “free”) aren’t usually words I see accompanied with Nintendo, but I’m all for the change. Apparently, the team working on Splatoon are a younger bunch with fresh minds, which I find easy to believe. The game has the Nintendo look, but the feel of the game is something new. Which is, of course, grand.


Lily had her pre-school “graduation” yesterday. A bunch of 4-to-5-year-olds in an auditorium was about as overwhelming as one would expect. Lily had an amazing teacher, but I’m glad for her to meet some new kids. Mostly because there’s a girl who’s blackballed Lily to the other girls. After watching the little pu– kid in question a while, I’ve come to the conclusion they’re too similar in certain ways to get along. I confidently say this kid is the poor man’s Lily, but Lily doesn’t get the whole “competitive” thing, yet. She doesn’t understand why this girl tells the other girls to not play with her, and it just makes her sad. Not 5 minutes at this graduation and Lily’s already crying because “Poor Man’s Lily” (henceforth referred to as “PMLily” has lead the others away from her. On the plus side, PMLily’s parent is at least aware of this and tells her not to do it. ::sigh:: It never ends, y’know?

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