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Video Games:

I started having the dumbest streaming problems this past week. Intermittent connectivity issues (a phrase that makes my mind blank out, at this point) have plagued me, nearly nonstop. Splatoon’s online battles have been nearly unplayable for all the lag and disconnects. What’s more, is that I’ve heard from a few other people that they, too, have had similar issues recently. And we’re not even on the same ISP. Then, I hear all this nonsense about most of Europe’s internet being out? Internet is probably more precious than water, folks! Stop it!

I considered that it might be my router finally going incontinent as well, so I’ve ordered a couple 50ft ethernet cables, wall clips and a Wii U lan adapter to rule out the possibility. Maybe if I can get the lousy ping down a bit, I can finally be a match for all those Japanese kids and their aerosprays!


I mostly went sleep-deprived, this week. But that’s okay. I finally got 8 hours last night. Riveting.

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