The follow-up to the smash(?)-hit, Iwata You Doing?! Oddly enough, I’ve never had too much trouble with Nintendo catching my videos. But this very evening, I uploaded an episode of Splatoon to my channel, and before it even went live– BAM: claimed by Nintendo. Coincidence? NAY, Iwata! I know you keep tabs on me!!

Video Games:

Lily and I got up early this morning (Friday morning, I’ve been awake a while) to go wait in line at Gamestop (::GASP::) for our pre-order of Splatoon. We also figured we’d grab whatever Amiibos they had that we fancied. It was Lily’s first pre-order event, and I’m glad we did it like this rather than have Amazon ship it via USPS and it not even make it to our door (as has become the norm, lately). The game itself is splendid and I want to be playing it all the time forever and ever, and we got a few Amiibos too! Splatoon 3-pack, Splatoon girl (for Lily), Charizard (for Tenoreo) and Pac-Man. Nice haul! More expensive than I thought it would be. $133? Nintendo, you sly pukes!


Life? I suppose I’ll have time for that once Lily starts kindergarten. Other than Wednesday-halfdays, she’ll be going full-time! And the school is very close to us! Augh! I’m gonna go into shock with all the extra time I’ll have! Oh yeah, I made cube shelves from stock lumber and stain and whatnot. Did I tell you that? Because that’s life, I think!

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