Who do you think made Mario “missing” last time? You think Weegee just looked like that?

Finally got a PO Box, so if you wanna send me fanart or whatevs, you can do so with:

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Video Games:

So how’s the PS Vita doing? Is that thing still getting games released? It’s been on my amazon wishlist for what seems like forever, but the price has remained pretty stubborn. I just want that sweet Tearaway game and maybe Terraria. Ooh, and apparently Nuclear Throne is going to be released on it!

Speaking of games prices: anyone else notice games don’t go down in price nearly as fast as they used to? Tenoreo reflects the sentiment. We’re so used to seeing a game we want and going “Ooh, that looks fun! I can’t wait for here in 6 months when it goes down to 20 bucks.” But they don’t do that anymore! A Link Between Worlds? Still full price, but that came out 5 months ago, that still makes sense. Kirby Triple Deluxe? Been out over a year: full price. The worst is Fire Emblem Awakening. It’s been out almost 2 years and it’s still 40 bucks. I’d imagine it’s a last line of defense, before DLC, against the ever-rising cost of making games. That and Nintendo’s been in the hole with investors, lately. I get that. Doesn’t mean I’m not gonna be a whining pile of salt about it.


I got some sweet, blue, Christmas-style lights to put around my work desk. I turn them on when I draw so I can trick my brain into thinking I don’t work in the same place 12 hours a day. It’s helping, I think! The brain is a pretty mathematical being, once you understand how it works and how you can trick it.

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