I guess the stuff never killed me. If it had killed me though, I wouldn’t know it, I guess.

Video Games:

I’ve found that a lot of games claiming to be “couch competitive/co-op games” don’t engage the people I hang out with very long. We play Towerfall a bit, we play Nidhogg a bit, we play BattleBlock Theater a bit, we play Speedrunners… a… bit… It might just be another product of having too many options in this hyper-saturated gaming market, or they might just be quick flashes in the pan. I dunno. I don’t feel like sitting here “analyzing” a bunch of otherwise good games like I’m the prodigal son of a new era of games journalism. But a game I didn’t expect to keep us couch-ridden folk entertained for long was Besiege. My brother-in-law has a wireless mouse/keyboard setup in his living room, and we sat there, all taking turns building ridiculous, exploding, burning abominations while the onlookers shouted suggestions and laughed ’til it hurt. Good times. Maybe we’re all just more into slapstick?


I found my whittling knife! Oh right, I never told you I lost my whittling knife.

Closing Comments:

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