They could have made Tanooki Mario an alt-costume, but hey– is there really such a thing as too many Marios? Probably.

I’ve been saving this comic for a busy week, and my blob, has it been busy. My YouTube channel just hit 3000 subscribers, which I’m super-excited about, but hitting that many subscribers is also a symptom of another situation: The channel is picking up and I’m finding myself sinking more and more time into it. I don’t wanna go the way many other Artist-Gone-Let’s Player have (not drawing anymore), despite the Let’s Plays being far more successful. When you boil it down, we’re still left with the fact that I very much enjoy drawing, so I’ll keep doing it. Though, I am falling apart from lack of sleep, lack of freetime, and lack of social interaction. But only that second one is new.

Video Games:

I’ve been spending a morbid amount of time simply editing the videos of me playing video games, this past week. I’m sitting on so much footage, I’m near the point where I can’t record anything else until I whittle some of it down. That being said, there’s always me talking about video games over on my YouTube channel! Sorry, I’ll try to play a video game for myself this week. XD


Something about me being busy. Taxes, right? Or something.

Closing Comments:

Until next comic…

See you then~