She does this to me a lot. At least now she’s mostly moved on to De Blob on the Wii and I’ve somehow given the supervisory/narrating responsibilities to her mother, hahahahaha~!

KakuJomics' Alakazam Shirt at Shark Robot!
Oh hey, where did this new KakuJomics shirt at Shark Robot available until March 4th come from? That’s crazy! Get this thing out of here!

Video Games:

The ladies and I will be streaming Castle Crashers tomorrow (March 1st) at 2pm PST! If you’re into watching people impotently flounder about side-scrolling beat-em-ups, then WHAT THE HECK– where have you been!? You know Castle Crashers! The hit XBLA indie game that had a pretty buggy PC port? We did an episode on it yesterday and YEP– the recording came out like buggy balls. Gotta figure that out before the stream…


This comic should have gone up over 12 hours ago, but Lily woke up freaking out right as I was getting finished with it, and I fell asleep rocking her back to sleep. Now that’s my life.

Closing Comments:

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