Ahh, the log roll. Classic. You do this to prevent accidents too, right?

Video Games:

I’m always tickled to see someone who usually doesn’t enjoy games enjoy games. My sister-in-law is typically more your “athletic” type, but she recently found an interest in BattleBlock Theater. When she and Tenoreo’s brother last came to visit, we got into a 2v2 arena match. It was the athletic hiker/doctor/teachers vs… me and Tenoreo. I haven’t played in a while (was my excuse, anyway), but they cleaned the missus and me across the table the first 7 matches. But, if you’re familiar with me and my gaming exploits, you’ll know I’m a “comeback kid”. Or a “hustler”, depending on who you ask. Anyway, the point is, I’m glad to see games reach everyone. The point is also that I WON!!


Living in an apartment apparently negates the best part of ordering stuff off Amazon: Having it delivered to your freaking door. When the courier is USPS, anyway. UPS? Love that guy. FedEX? I hate them so much, but they at least ring the doorbell, drop the package and run away. USPS? NOPE. They don’t even try. They take it straight to the office, 2 blocks away. Which I’ve found is the most awkward distance: Too close to drive; too far for my lump of a body to carry 30 pounds in office supplies (PLUG for the new coloring booklet Patreon perk! /PLUG).

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