Haha, remember that time we all believed Rayman was gonna be added to Smash 4 (yesterday)? I’m honestly sad it’s fake, but it did give Master and Crazy Hand something to do for a bit.

I tried recording the drawing of this comic a little differently, but while it came out in a way that won’t make viewers puke, it’s got this garbled look on anything that’s not a horizontal or vertical edge, like Photoshop decided to do anti-aliasing with a live gerbil. Ahh well, I’ll still upload it.

I innocently posted a song-type video this past Friday, and people are going bananas. I get it, though. It’s got that slightly annoying meme-garbage thing going, anD I CAN’T IT OUT OF MY HEAD WHAT HAVE I DONE

A major overhaul of my Patreon happened a few days ago, complete with new goals, rewards and explanation video!

Video Games:

I’ve been in the kind of mood where I want to play something with level progression, like an RPG, but without the freaking slow interface. Something fast-paced, but not stressful. Something relaxed, but not casual. I wasted half my freetime yesterday looking for such a game before I finally settled on Dust: An Elysian Tail. (Heehee. TAILS. Because anthropomorphic animal people.) Turns out I needed a side-scrolling, action-RPG hack-and-slash! I think I burned myself out with the complexities of games like Skyrim and Torchlight II. Not that stopping every 3 seconds to check loot, handle inventory, health, mana and leveling up is bad. There are some days I wake up and that is my JAM. Just not yesterday.


Tomorrow is President’s Day, and Lily has school off. But is she excited? No. She is 4 years old and her preschool is so fun I had an actual dream last night about her teacher teaching a bunch of adults and myself about Oregon driving safety. Is there adult daycare? Sweet cheesus, have I ascended to the next level of man-child?

Closing Comments:

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See you then~