Great idea: Let’s switch our currency to something I have a lot of! Like twisty-ties, bottle-caps (!!), pistachio shells, glitter or small pieces of lint!

Video Games:

Someone let me know that you can sort your Steam games into different, self-made categories and now I’m finally making steps toward organizing this backlog. I get a decent number of gifts from people through Steam, and while I do try to keep a notepad file updated with who gifted me what, I do lose track of the games themselves. I didn’t even know I had half of these. Best problem, right? I tried to pay rent with my backlog though, and much to my surprise, they don’t accept “having a lot of backlogged games on Steam”. This is why we need to fund NASA.


I haven’t even had time to play the new Hyrule Warriors Tingle DLC, I’m pretty sure I just worked all week, sorry. Umm…

Closing Comments:

Until next comic…

See you then~