It’s alright, Lily. Budgeting is just a stark adult contrast to my otherwise man-child ways, and it stresses me out soooo much.

Video Games:

Tingle’s out for Hyrule Warriors in a few days! Freaking Meatbag’s full release (with a cray update) is too! Must… clearr…. sche…dule……


This little section of my blog posts may as well be called “Adulthood Suuucks”, because now I’m going to tell you that I changed the oil in our car yesterday. It was my first time and it was a Volvo, and I want to know WHY the drain plug needed to be a full inch across!? Why, foreign car makers!? Why do you have to use unnecessarily unconventional parts and sizes!?
I also slammed my hand into a sharp edge while trying to get the plug loose. Which was also unnecessary because I had bought a rubber mallet to help get that very plug loose, but forgot all about it at my feet. WOOPS! On the plus side, I have a sweet scar/scab on the back of my right hand that looks like Italy.
But it’s done now, and I don’t even know what to do with all this old oil I’m storing atop my cabinets. I can think of a few fun things, but not like, anything legal.

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