With more people, we’ll get more done and we will survive! Only nOT
First time trying animation like this. I have a new respect for animators. I don’t wanna animate again for a while, haha…

Oh hey, a YouTuber person named “MajinReborn” made a fan-dub of the Story of Goom comic! And it is SO COOL!!

Video Games:

I started up Skyrim again, thanks to a lovely person gifting it to me on Steam. I can’t remember how far I got before, but I’m pretty sure I only killed like, 3 dragons. Now I’m playing a Dunmer lady battlemage type of character, and I’m preeeety sure I’m doing something wrong, because the difficulty suddenly ramped up after the first dragon. Not in a way I remember encountering the first time I played, anyway. I shoot lightning out of my left hand like PEW PEW and I swing my mace with my right hand like… WHOOSH?— and I’m suddenly dead. I’m considering just dropping melee altogether, as I’m thinking that might be my weakpoint. Difficulties aside, the game is such a welcome immersion buffet. It’s awesome how well it still stacks up against games that have followed it.


I already gushed about how much I love this tablet wall-mount, but I’ll continue by saying that it’s mainly what got me through animating this comic. Even with it, my entire body is in crampy pain, but far less than without it. I worked on this thing for ~20+ hours (even 2 seconds of non-tweened animation is the equivalent of me drawing ~30 panels for that 1 panel), and I really couldn’t have done it without this mount. So, again, yaaaaay!

Closing Comments:

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