I like that some video games experiment with “traditional art”, but it doesn’t leave many areas of life unobstructed for the Kakujo family. They can’t get into sketchbooks, can they?

Video Games:

I’m still coocoobananas.jpg about Hyrule Warriors. The new Majora’s Mask DLC is coming soon and I can’t flapping wait! I’m a little bummed to have Kid Link instead of Skull Kid, but I’m ecstatic Tingle made it past Aonuma’s veto and will finally do something other than sell maps, fly balloons, charge stupid prices for map translations, zoom the screen in on you– okay, I guess he does keep busy. But to play and fight as Tingle!? MM!! Febuary 5th!!

I’m also keeping an eye on Gravity Ghost, which releases later this month. Not to mention Splatoon, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, a new Fire Emblem game and I’m sure others I’m forgetting. Lots of good things releasing now ’til March! How will our wallets endure!?


Thanks in large part to my benefactors at Patreon, I was able to upgrade my workspace to include a wall-mount for my drawing tablet! I detailed how I used to draw in my latest Let’s Talkujo, and it truly was painful after an hour or two. So my back thanks you! I thank you! And thank yourself, because now I’ll be able to draw for longer periods before my spine collapses in on itself and I’m forced to stop!

Closing Comments:

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