Everything has a price. Some things have multiple prices.

The first comic of the new year (which I streamed, which will become a timelapse)! And the first time I’ve done a comic with Tingle that wasn’t just Tingle being odd.
While I’ve always found the way I draw Tingle effectively unsettling, I’ve never been happy with it. But I do like the way I’ve done him in this comic!

Video Games:

Legend of Grimrock is a treasure. Every time I think I might be losing the dazzle, the game throws a new thing at me. I got so used to a lot of 4.99/9.99 barebone indie games that I didn’t expect the amount of depth Grimrock would have. Mind you, LoG is 19.99 normally, but I found it on a good sale. The sequel is already out, at around the same price, and I only hear good things about it. Okay, it was one person. But I waaaaant it!


Our car was having problems with randomly not starting, recently. But, whenever we would have it towed to a shop, it would pull a “WB Frog” and not act up around the mechanics. BUNK!! This happened twice for Tenley, but when it broke down on me it was as Lily and I were leaving her school to pick up her grandma from the airport MAXIMUMLOOOOOOOOOOL– A cab ride later and we were home, and the car was back at the mechanic’s. Luckily, this time it finally died while in their care. It was apparently a bad fuel pump. Anyway, $400 and we have the car back. Of course, they sent us the text saying they knew what was wrong with the car RIGHT AS I WAS HEADING HOME WITH A FREAKING RENTAL CAR!! Hee hee, now I have 2 cars. Until Monday, anyway.

Closing Comments:

So I’ll be taking my 2 cars out tomorrow for some fancy 2-car skiing (where you use 2 cars instead of skiis). Gotta get sleep before then. Until next comic…

See you then~