Thank goodness Pac-Man’s waka technique is his side-B, else I’d have TWO abilities that would make Kirby’s neutral B pretty much useless. I get that eating things is mostly universal, but you don’t see Ness or Zelda making a special move out of it. (Though “Down-B: Eat too many mini-quiches.” is something I’d be cool with on my tombstone.)

Video Games:

I’ve waited patiently. I’ve not been a pushy father about it. And finally, it has happened: Lily wants to play Minecraft with me. I suppose I should clarify that she has played the game before, just not in a way I would consider “having played”. If that makes sense. Perhaps encasing oneself in cobblestone and laughing for 6 minutes should still be considered “playing”, though. Fun was had, so it might pass on a technicality.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is out, and I’ve begun a series on it! The game’s penchant for gravy runs is still there, with a ton o’ more items to beef your build up. On my third run, I was lucky enough to get Monstro’s Lung and a boat-load of damage increases. I had little health, but Mother got, as the kids* say, PWNED HUURR MLG REKT


In furthering the loss of my childlike twinkle and descent into grungy adulthood, I’ve completed my first car checkup. Brakes and oils and other fluids… That was valuable video game tIME DANG IT

Closing Comments:

Until next comic…


*10/10 IGN