I’m by no means lax about what games I let Lily play, but The Binding of Isaac just strikes me as inappropriate in the way Ren and Stimpy was. Yes, maybe we still shouldn’t have watched that show as kids. But a life without Mr. Horse? No sir, I don’t like it.
Oh, but right, my kid. I let her play BoIR with me and, despite Tenoreo’s reservations, Lily hasn’t woken screaming from basement nightmares or reduced her enemies to putrid viscera. But how cool would the latter be? Haha, but no. Haha, but yes. No?

Video Games:

As I have mentioned in the past, I have lists for games. Oh, the lists for games that I have. There exists a list called the “Eating Ramen For A Week Straight Is Worth This Game” list. And wouldn’t you know it, Smash 4 and LittleBigPlanet 3 are on that list! So guess what I’m gonna be playing and doing videos on, this week! Now what was it ramen does to one’s stool? I’m asking for me.


So yes, as the comic explains (suuuper accurately, btw), Lily has the flu. Well, she had the flu. 5 days later and now she only has a very sore throat. But for the 5 days prior?
It was no sleep, no peace, no nothing. Just waking up every 10 minutes to Lily choking on phlegm and fever. Phew things make a father feel more impotent than helplessly watching their kid struggle with illness. Like, do I… do I punch the flu? Do I take it to court? Do I give it a beer and have a talk with it on the back porch? I don’t even know, man. I just gave her various medicines and throat-soothing teas and swallowed the anxiety. She’s better, so I guess that did it?

Closing Comments:

Until next comic…