Getting your kid “pre-prepared” for kindergarten is tempting. Apparently there’s an actual ‘entrance exam’? Was this always a thing? I mean, it’s not the hardest test: Can they count to 10 and back, say the alphabet and a couple other things? Still, what happens if they fail that? Do they just not go to school!?

But hey, my mom got me ahead before I started kindergarten, and it pretty much ruined school for me. I already knew everything, which left me bored and disinterested. By the time I finally thought “hey, let’s see where these plebs are”, I was quite behind. That and a lot of the straight-A students I knew dropped out and are just bummin’ around, now. Personally, I think it’s just better to let kids do their thing. It’s all relative, in the end.

I posted another “Let’s Talkujo” to the YouTube channel, where I mostly explain what I already said last post.

Video Games:

I don’t watch cable television, and I didn’t see any online advertisement either for the apparent Gauntlet reboot. Ahh, Gauntlet. Yet another game, not I, but my cousin owned. And he alWAYS TOOK ALL THE DANG FOOD AND EVERYTHING ELSE IN EVERY VIDEO GAME WE PLAYED DANG IT– drawing it back in… Drawing it back in… The new Gauntlet is crazy fun, though! Streamlined, great presentation, and augh— the camera is so good! A bad camera can make any game less pleasant, but in a top-down, dual-stick-type game? It’s crucial. The color palette is also very well done. I can easily keep track of myself, my allies, and my enemies, which is where so many other games of this persuasion fail for me. My favorite is the Wizard. Once you learn his spell combos, you feel so spice.


I finally broke it off with Comcast, a couple days ago. Now that CenturyLink’s installed their fiber optic cable in the area, there’s no more reason to stay. It’s painfully obvious they incentivise the “care center” people to keep their customers, though. The desperation is that poor man’s voice… Why y’gotta make me feel bad about making an economic decision for my family, Big Com? Why y’gotta make me lose sleep over that poor man’s lost bonus or whatever you made me snatch away from him?

Closing Comments:

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