Did you ever figure out how the water draining worked? When I was a kid, I basically played this dungeon by groaning and flopping around from room to room until I randomly ran into Dark Link, and even that I button-mashed. I feel like I just admitted a bad thing. I feel like I should play this again and do it properly while not being 10.

And whoa, welcome to the new site! It’s been mostly the same since 2010, and I’m glad for the change. When I start a side-project, particularly a side-project that involves coding, I get into a sort of “Procrastinator’s Trance”. It’s an apparently documented phenomenon where one can effortlessly pour their focus into anything as long as it isn’t what they need to be doing. And man, did I do it hard while developing the new site. And that is why I skipped last week’s comic and videos have been patchy the last week, and I am sorry. Like, I’m not saying “I couldn’t help myself, don’t be mad”, but I kind of am. 😐
The schedule should return to normalcy now, though!

A couple notes for those accustomed to the old site: Comments are only on the comic page (working on changing that), and the same button that brought you to this blog page will take you back to the comic. Nifty, huh? I couldn’t find any quick tricks to do that, so I had to hard code the functionality from scratch. Just let me brag, it took me a week to figure it out and I didn’t sleep.

Video Games:

Steam recently implemented something called “Steam Curators”, which basically goes:

1. Find curator whose tastes line generally up with your own (anyone can be a curator).
2. Follow curator.
3. Games they recommend pop up on your steam home page.

Seems like it’ll be good for some of the awesome, yet overlooked, games. In a sea of games, many of them bad, it’s difficult and exhausting to give every game the benefit of the doubt (and your dollar), so finding someone whose judgment you trust to tell you “Hey, you should try Action Henk or Freaking Meatbags” could be great for devs/publishers who don’t “know the right people”. If you’re into that sort of thing, I myself have a curator page. I generally recommend colorful, crunchy, challenging games that have the SNES-era soul I take such delight in.

I started playing F.E.A.R. over on the gaming channel. The original F.E.A.R., and man, it’s actually held up fairly well. While I realize the harsh contrast of the lighting engine was probably more due to hardware limitations, they really pulled it off with some artistic flair. Playing it now, in 2014, almost 9 years later, it still looks alright. It’s no World of Warcraft, at any rate.


So we got that car, right? Two weeks later, the tire’s popped. Freaking rubber tires– RUBBER TIRES– IN TWO THOUSAND FOURTEEN!! Why don’t we just stop pretending and go back to using dried monkey brains for wheels? WHY NOT INDEED!!?
I don’t like cars.

Closing Comments:

So if you notice anything weird about the site, by all means, let me know. Also mention what browser you’re using and take a screenshot if possible and maybe give me your first born son.
Sorry? Fine, then, just the browser and version: kakujomics (.) media (at) gmail (.) com