When you’re a human in a town of animals and even the trees don’t want you.

Video Games:

Shovel Knight’s all done! Such a fun game, with a pretty good ending. Apparently, the extra playable characters aren’t released (not at the time of my recording the game, anyway) yet? I wanna play as Tinker Knight so baaaad!

Shovel Knight End

Not the Robots: A furniture-eating robo-roguelike


This Monday’s the day! Lily starts preschool! Orientation went about as well as you might expect, considering the room was full of 2-3 and 4-5-year-olds (separate classes, thank plob). I’m gonna do my best to get actual work done for the 2 hours she’s gone, but it’ll probably be me just sitting on the balcony, staring off into space for at least the first week. This is the first time I’ll have had the place to myself in… year…s? Is it plural now? I honestly can’t remember. I’ve been either “Kakujo” or “Daddy” and almost no “Bryan” for so long. It’s gonna feel weeeeiiiiird.

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