I mean magic, yeah. But pistons.

I’m bummed because I won’t be able to stream or record any more comics until I get a new video card. I tried streaming this very comic, which usually works, but the brush lag was unbearable this time; I think the thing’s on its way out. Why GPUs gotta be so expensive!?

A timelapse of comic #119 is up!

Video Games:

I’ve been streaming a lot more the past week. Mainly due to the comic break affording me more time. I’ve had a lot of fun chatting and gaming with everyone! ‘Wish I could do it more often on a regular basis~

Lethal League with Tenoreo and Lily!


We got a car! Er, that is, we’ve paid for a car and are waiting for Tenoreo’s co-worker to finish filing the paperwork so we can officially own a car. Ohhh, me and my enigmatic, last-second luck. I’ve been fretting a while about how I was only going to lose time from Lily starting pre-school. They only offer 2.5 hour days, so by the time I got back from taking the bus, I’d only have half an hour before needing to set off again to get there in time.

Basically: Lily in school for 2.5 hours, Kakujo on a bus for 2 hours.

I was afraid I was gonna have to quit the comic for a while or somethin’. I mean, we’re more broke than ever before, but thanks to my incredible ability to microbudget, we’ll be just fine.
I think.
Keep an eye out for commission openings.

Closing Comments:

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