I wish I had an easier way to convey this is set in the Paper Mario universe other than “It’s a bright day in the universe of Paper Mario, where we are definitely residing at this time. This joke is a Paper Mario joke.” Anyway, I hope you caught that. No one’s getting the joke, so I’m doing it.
Oh! Also, I recorded the creation of this comic! Timelapse to come soon~

Video Games:

I got back into Borderlands 2, recently. Doin’ a mechromancer run. The problem is that I always get to the part where everyone’s all “let’s go to the vault guys; this is the final story quest maybe” and then my will to play drops. I acknowledge that I have a problem with not finishing games. Something about the adventure ending just makes me sad. A fairly obvious observation, but I guess I’m just too big a babby to face it. I mean, there’s a ton more stuff left to do aside from the main story, so maybe that’s not it? Maybe I just feel it kinda lags around that part? I dunno, but I might commit to streaming it from that point to encourage myself to complete the game.

Roguelike/rhythm game!? MMMM


Thanks to the dystopian wonderland that is consumer finance, I was finally able to get a new chair! Whereas I found myself quite uncomfortable and in pain in the previous chair, this model is just… It’s just so much better. For $135, a chair shouldn’t only last you 6 months. At least I get to look forward to leaving a deliciously nasty review for it on Amazon.

Closing Comments:
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