What a sad PTSD to have…

Video Games:

New Minecraft’s here! I’ve for some reason combined Pokemon with Minecraft! God help mE!

Almost looped in Nuclear Throne, but that g’dang boss…


I somehow lost 7lbs. Then I discovered microwave meatballs and red sauce on rice and WOOP– negated in 3 days. Who designed these dumb vessels?

Y’hear about Ferguson? It’s a heavy topic to be bringing up on a gag-comic site, but it’s an extremely important one. The police are supposed to protect their citizens. If there’s no weapon, there’s no need to shoot. But in this case, an unarmed 18-year-old was shot dead, and the police have since done nothing but attempt to silence the outcry as locals perform non-violent protests, call for the revealing of the offending officer’s name and justice. The police response? Teargas, SWAT teams, rubber bullets (live ammo as of recent reports), arresting reporters. It’s sick and it’s scary. It’s less than a lot of stuff happening in the world, but what it represents in regards to police brutality and rising civil unrest hits me personally. Just wanted to signal boost it a wee bit. I’m done being serious. ::confetti::

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