A clever move, actually.

There a timelapse of comic #113 up on my YouTube channel!

Video Games:

Shovel Knight is a masterful work, I tells ya’. It cuts the fat, it’s superbly streamlined and honed. When it comes to platformers, the bread ‘n’ butter are the level design (was that death my fault?), the visuals (does everything fit and do I want to see what’s another screen-scroll away?) and the music (I’m stuck on this stage, but at least the music doesn’t make me want to pour angry red ants into my ear canals). Being a hybrid of a few other genres, however, Shovel Knight doesn’t depend on these assets alone to pull through. Nah man. There’s some Link to the Past in there, some Mega Man, some Castlevania… And yet I can’t think of a single aspect of these genres Shovel Knight didn’t make a home run in.


I’m a little over 50% finished (according to an achievement, anyway), but unless the other 50% is just a slowly expanding GIF of two Sonic OCs throwing up into each other’s mouths, I should keep the same general opinion.

Best of Gaming Montage #01 – Kakujo


For the first time since before we moved to Portland, back in October, Tenoreo and I were able to go on a date! As you might already know (if you’ve been reading these entries), Tenoreo’s brother and sister-in-law moved up a month or so ago. Fast-forward to last week: They’ve mostly settled in, and were finally able to take Lily for a while! If you’ve ever watched a kid almost 24/7 for 9+ months and then suddenly not had to worry about them, you’ll know that it feels like walking outside, sans pants. Seriously, what kind of PTSD ploppery is parenthood that I spent the first hour checking my waist every 2 minutes to see if “Lily” was alright!? Hahaha… But after that first hour, I loosened up and I’m quite happy for the experience! It’s much easier to focus on work, now that I’ve had an evening to not focus on it, so that’s a thing.

Closing Comments:

Due to commissions and shirts and other stuff piling up on me, next week’s comic will be another smaller one. After which I’ll hopefully be able to hammer out one of these longer comics I’ve had in store for a while.