Well, that stinks. Have I said? What? Literally 38 times? Well, ok, if you’re sure. I’m still keeping it.

There’s gonna be a stream tomorrow from 2pm-4pm PST, where I’ll finally get around to playing Gears of War 3 (sent in by Max; thanks, Max!) by my lonesome (the girls have yet again ditched me to go fishing)!

Video Games:

Rather than copy/paste it here, I’ll direct you to my full Nuclear Throne review I posted on its Steam page.

Oh, and by the way: I finally looped!

Floating and rocking!


Trying to get our apartment managers to fix stuff is like trying to put the triangle piece through the square hole.

It just doesn’t happen and our roof leaks, is what I’m saying.

Closing Comments:

If things work out, I’ll have a bigger comic for you next week. It MIGHT just be a 2-row comic, as things are still going to be busy until I finish getting the site and youtube channel redone, but ‘ey.