It must be overwhelming to come into a franchise with over 700 characters to learn. One of them is bound to look like literal poopy.

Video Games:

Before this week, I did not know Nintendo had a yearly reward thing on Club Nintendo. Quite enthused, I was, when I saw that I could get NES Remix or Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for literally free! But I chose DKCR3D and found afterward that the filesize was HUGE and wouldn’t fit on the SD card my 3DS came with. Laaaammme! If I’m gonna have to spend money for something free 1)Don’t call it free without like, an asterisk or something and 2)WARN ME. Anyway, 17 dollars down and 2 days later, I have a 32GB and hey– at least the game is pretty fun! Challenging and rewarding (and 3D), just how I like my games. That Tidal Terror level can lie under a train, though.

Minecraft Season 4 Finale (bonus episode to come)

Shovel Knight Ep.1


I won a bike! From a twitter contest! And all I had to do was make a joke! Knowing how these things go though, I’m probably not gonna see the thing until 2015. But I can definitely say that, somewhere out there, there is a bike that is mine.

Closing Comments:

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