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Soccer? Football? SocCER? FOOTBALLLEABAFFIGLEABLE!? Haha, I had a good time with Kung Foot.

Video Games:
Tenoreo really wants to get into an MMO. I will lose myself if I get into one. I have little self-control for fun things. I know my limits. Mm-mm.

Double Hitler

They Bleed Pixels

Managed to not go fishing. They didn’t end up going, that is. But Tenoreo’s birthday was just the other day and one of her presents was a full fishing set, so they’ll be headed out to torture/murder fish this Sunday. Too bad I’ll be streaming at 2pm~

Closing Comments:
Until next comic…


UPDATE (07-18-2014): The next comic will be a bit late, going up the following day (Sunday). Sorryyyyy