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I spent so much time animating this comic, but in the end, the filesize was HUGE, so I had to scale it back to just Y.V. in the pipes. I did manage to save this, though:

Video Games:
Nuclear Throne is going to have a new character added tomorrow, named Horror! SUCH EXCITE!!

Played some more Action Henk! (which will be available through Steam’s “Early Access” July 8th)! They implemented a new character named Betsy which, like Henk, has an off-putting, yet oddly affable appearance and demeanor. I love how weird these characters are. Ooh, and I heard that they are indeed considering a level editor, if demand is high enough. DEMAND IT, PEOPLE! A leved editor would MAKE this game.

And I finally got to the Nuclear Throne (which Vlambeer just finally implemented to the game)! Of course, I was immediately destroyed, but that’s not the point (or is it?)!

Action Henk! – Unlocking Betsy and defeating The Ultimate Test

Nuclear Throne – THE THRONE ROOM!!

Had a pretty good 4th! We took the train down to city center and watched a display by the river. Of course, the trip back wasn’t so simple. Every train back was PACKED, so we ended up missing ours and had to take another one to a nearby transit center and walk the remaining three miles home. But hey, there was a crazy girl on the train who was trying to pick a fight with every single person. I’m always surprised at how quickly we common folk rally and unite against a common enemy. Nothing physical broke out, but that lady got slammed by our entire half of the cabin. Then she started dancing? People are strange, and that’s okay.

Closing Comments:
I always thought it was a lazy cash-in gimmick to add a 2-frame animation to like, 1 panel, but it’s apparently out of necessity. Animating in Photoshop was a nightmare, but I’ll probably continue to add little animated bits to future comics, so long as it doesn’t affect the quality or the filesize.