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I don’t think I meant to make this as creepy as I did, but there you go. On some evenings, the hand draws what the hand draws. Sorry, Buzz Buzz.

You might as well call this a guest comic, as it is based on an idea sent in by Nolan Roth. I don’t often let others into my process, but this one was really quite clever. Thanks, Nolan!

Posted a timelapse of comic #100 on the youtubes!

Video Games:
Somewhat gaming related: I’ve consolidated the comic/art YouTube channel into the gaming channel. Or, I guess I’ll rebrand the gaming channel and just call it “my channel” from now on. I did this after considering how little I actually update the comic/art channel. Also I don’t like signing out/in/out all the time. In any case, this will hopefully make it easier for everyone to find the content I put out.

After our previous adventures in the Rayman world, Lily and I were looking forward to playing Rayman Legends. I had been holding off, waiting for a decent sale on the Wii U version. If you’re unfamiliar with how long Nintendo games tend to stay near release-price, it tends to be quite long. However, the time has finally come. And it is an incredible feat for it to be not only better than Origins, but for it to have boatloads more content as well. Sure, the main game is even more beautiful, varied and well put together than its predecessor, but there’s just as much fun to be had with the daily/weekly challenge, the remastered Origin levels, collecting beasts and the soccer minigame, Kung Foot. Ugh, Kung Foot. Just this evening, my bro-in-law came over with his wife and we all spent near an hour playing Kung Foot. I can’t easily explain the appeal of Kung Foot. Honestly, from what little I played of it with Lily, I wasn’t too thrilled. But throw in a few skilled players (no offense, child) and it’s like this “WOW” moment. Very impressive.

Rayman Legends – Roping Me In (Part 1) with Lily

Tenoreo wants to go fishing next weekend with some family, including Lily. I empathize with inanimate objects. Imagine how much I wanna go. ::fish-flop::

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