She’s started going through my library, HELP.

Video Games:

With Mario Kart 8 came Pikmin 3. As much as I tried to resist playing Pikmin 3 before first making a Let’s Play of it (am still holding off on flooding the gaming channel with Nintendo LPs until they make their decision on whether or not they actually want LPs), Lily and Tenoreo kept insisting I play with them, and I eventually caved. Pikmin 3 is the first game that has had all 3 of us fighting over the console. If it weren’t for me working on KakuJomics stuff all but 3 hours of my day, they’d have considerably more competition from me. Even for the time I have spent with it, I can say it is wonderfully charming and as accessible or difficult as you want it to be, a lot like the Pikmins before it and Chibi-Robo (are these games developed by the same team? They both “feel” the same).

While Tenoreo is at work and Lily and I are hanging out, we “take turns”. Which basically means she meanders about, throwing Pikmin into puddles and getting eaten by all manner of beasts (thoroughly enjoying herself the entire time), then I restart from the beginning of the day and play it “properly”. This “time restore” function is great for parents that play with their children, as it can reach all the way back to the first day.

Example: After playing together a while, I had to go work at my desk. Lily played 3 days. For the Pikmin, it must have felt like an eternity. Reviewing Alph’s logs from the 3 completed days and reading about the horrors they endured, I can only assume Lily gave the gamepad to an over-caffeinated duck and threw them both in the dryer on permanent press. However, I was able to rewind time to before any of it happened and continue on my merry way.

But the Pikmin don’t forget.

Nuclear Throne: Rami RNG Challenge


I’m going to the dentist tomorrow. For the first time in around 10 years. I know. I’m gross. BUT I’M ALSO SCARED OK!? If it makes you feel better, I think I only have like, 1 cavity. And if that doesn’t make you feel better, I’ll be in pain, probably. Yeah? That doin’ it for you? Can I go home now?

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