Blowing up walls to get presents sounds amazing, ya’ babby!

Video Games:

Lily somehow got into my player profile and erased my save file in Pikmin 3. ;-; I thought I was done with that after my little sisters grew up, but nooooo.
But I will rebuild. Or, the Pikmin will rebuild. I’ll just watch.

I didn’t realize you could live compress audio (make the quiet parts louder and the loud parts quieter) without hardware. I should have figured there was a software alternative, but I somehow got it stuck in my head that I’d need an expensive pre-amp thingy. Thank goodness though, because after some testing, the streams shouldn’t be so quietLOUD anymore. Also, I finally scrounged up the funds to get a 32-inch LED to put on the wall next to my computer for streams (and yeah, Netflix OKAY!?). With the setup becoming less and less cumbersome/awkward, I might find it in me to do more streams!

Action Henk!

The Last Phoenix


My teeth are good and I can stop worrying about them! Now I just gotta work on getting non-dental healthcare. Apparently, my state’s really laggin’ on getting their system in order. It’s ok, state. I can wait/rot.

Closing Comments:

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