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  1. Alex

    So I take it the follow up joke is the Chozo dudes are pervs for giving her a skin tight suit with high heels? But they are rocket high heels so I guess that makes it worth it?

    • Lore states their lifespan grew so great that they lost the ability/interest in procreating, which was instrumental to their extinction. So I’d like to think, also considering they were basically her family, they simply didn’t have that in mind and were thinking about the combat advantage.

      I’d like to think that.

      • Vasqueztion

        She was also a growing female. Who’s to say she wasn’t the one who chose to sex-it-up? Girl goes out in a metal suit all day, fighting all matter of flora and fauna, sometimes a lady just wants to make herself feel like… a lady.
        And if we’re talking about coming-of-age Samus, I’m sure her wear was little more than what we see woman today wearing when they are exercising. Listen, what I’m trying to say is, “don’t look a beautiful woman wearing skin tight anything in the mouth. Look her in the eyes, in till she’s not paying attention, then look everywhere else.”

        [i]Gentlemen tips from Vasqueztion[/i]

      • Alex

        Yes I know the lore, but screw the lore I need a joke!

        • Megajerk

          Your joke was bad, and you should feel bad, Alex.

          • ZeldaLord

            You know how dumb that sounds right? No offense or anything. It’s just. Dumb

  2. Flurriestone

    I really wanted to make a self destruct sequence joke, But I won’t because I feel like everyone would hate me or not get it.

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